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Yoga Class Structure
The various styles followed in the Yoga class are given below. The main difference is only in the way the Asanas (Postures and movements) are taught and practiced. Otherwise the Asanas itself remain same across the different styles.

Hatha Yoga Style – Few asana(s) from six categories namely sitting, standing, prone, supine, inversion and miscellaneous will be practiced in the session.
Power Yoga Style – Similar to the above except that the poses are held for some more time (between 1-2 minutes) to build strength and power.
Vinyasa Yoga Style – The asanas are done in a flow sequence. The style is based on the teachings and traditions of Late Sri Krishnamacharya. The flow is devised on the available knowledge of medicine and science. Sanskrit chanting and devotion can also be part of the program.
Laughing Yoga Style – The group will laugh it out louder and softer to get themselves energized. It really helps you to open yourself to the world.
Each class will include one or more of the following
Opening and closing Prayer
Asana Practice
Pranayama Practice
Meditation – Sit in Silence
Laughter Session
Resting Poses (of course)
Joining the yoga class?
These classes are suitable for all age groups (18-65+) with no major medical problems and in reasonable good health. If you have any ongoing medical problems, you must obtain medical clearance from your doctor before enrolling in any yoga class.

These are group classes and attention is directed to the group and no individual attention is provided, if you need individual 1 to 1 attention, then you may contact the instructor separately after the class or note that there are many other qualified instructors in the Milwaukee area and their help may also be sought.

The classes are run by volunteers with different skills and experience, you can attend any of the classes and experience for yourself which class is appropriate for you, you can learn various styles of yoga or stay with just one style, but attend all the classes to see what they offer. If any medical issues occur, please, do not depend on the advice of the instructors, but discuss with your own physician and obtain medical clearance before resuming yoga practice.

Register for the yoga class at the temple by completing the yoga registration form.

Sign up for a class by contacting the instructors of the class; it helps in planning space requirement. Maximum number of students per class is 14, this is to improve communication and organize the classes better.

Download Yoga Registration Form

What does yoga program offer?
The following are some of the benefits that the HTW Yoga program offers

Yoga as a life style choice.
Yoga instructors are providing volunteering service to the community.
Making the yoga program an extraordinarily valuable community program.
Performing Asanas (postures) and Pranayama (breath control) will help you to tune your physical and vital parts or sheaths (Annamaya and Pranamaya Koshas) of human body.
A healthy body and mind prepares you for your spiritual journey of discovering your Self as to “Who you really are”.
How to support Yoga program?
Sponsor the yoga program by providing donation to the HTW towards the Yoga fund. Your donation will not only support the yoga program’s special sessions, it will also support the temple for providing space and other amenities. Please check the yoga notice board in main lobby of HTW.

Any suggestions to improve the Yoga Program can be sent to the Yoga committee members.